Newtown Partners token portal

A portal to facilitate token sales for Newtown Partners' investee companies.

Newtown Partners is a venture capital firm founded by Vinny Lingham and Llew Claasen. Newtown invests in early stage technology startups that show global potential, with a specific focus on blockchain based startups. Newtown Partners is uniquely positioned, experienced and resourced to facilitate token sales for appropriate technology startups that we’re also invested in as early stage equity investors.

We are not token sale promoters or merchant bankers, we are investors ourselves and only facilitate token sales for investee companies. We play the role of escrow agent and sit on the board to ensure that all stakeholders' rights are upheld and interests looked after.

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To use the Newtown Partners token portal:

  • 1
    Register as a backer by using Civic and complete the once-off KYC process
  • 2
    Receive an email notification once your backer registration has been confirmed
  • 3
    Log in at using Civic
  • 4
    Participate in the token sale once it opens
  • 5
    Ensure that you have signed up to receive Newtown Partners token sale notifications to be the first to know about future token sales (if not you can update your preferences in your account)

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Meet the Newtown Partners

Llew Claasen

Llew is a go-to-market strategist with over twelve years of senior management experience in digital marketing and product management. Llew is also the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham is a serial entrepreneur who is currently also the co-founder and CEO of Civic Technologies (personal identity protection).

Newtown Partners token portal

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